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2. 设计要求
 在充分考虑初步设计图纸的情况下,尽量实现美国ThinkWell公司概念设计的效果,并且有更加优秀的构思。
 BACKLOT区域中,在考虑建筑单体外立面可变化的情况下,尽量以便捷方式实现可变化效果。
 BACKLOT区域中,考虑单体建筑内部的可使用性,其中一层考虑为商业,二层可作为仓储、内部办公或其他。
 SHOW PLAZA区域中,充分考虑娱乐的主题以及和周围的BACKLOT、商业的融合。
3. 设计内容
 设计说明
 平面布置、典型立面,广场布置
 四张效果图(三张表现BACKLOT的不同区域,一张表现SHOW PLAZA)
 经济技术指标与主要材料表(包括主要材料的样品)
三、 投标单位资格
1. 必须具有企业法人资格
2. 具有良好的企业资信,近年无不良业绩。
3. 具有类似项目的设计经验。


中译英 中文翻译英文 英语翻译 英文翻译 招标翻译 标书翻译 邀请函翻译 附英文  英文版

1.          Requirements on Design

l     The design needs to fully display the effects of ThinkWell’s conceptual design while taking the aforesaid preliminary drawings into account, and needs to bring forward better ideas.

l     As for BACKLOT, ever-changing effects need to be realized in a simplest way, provided that the exterior façade of the building unit can be changed.

l     As for BACKLOT, to maximize utilization of interior space, the first floor is intended to be used for commerce while the second floor is intended to be used for storage, offices or other purposes.

l     As for SHOW PLAZA, the theme is entertainment while combination with surrounding BACKLOT and commercial space needs to be considered.

2.          Content of Design

l     Design Description

l     Floor plan, typical elevations, plaza layout

l     Four effect drawings (three for different areas of BACKLOT and one for SHOW PLAZA)

l     Economic and technical indicators as well as a list of main materials to be used (including samples of such materials)

III. Qualifications for Bidding

Any bidder must:

1.          Be an enterprise legal person,

2.          Have good credit standing and perform well in recent years, and

3.          Have design experience in similar projects.




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