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After the end of each fiscal year, the management of the Company shall, before the access of the certified public accountant providing the audit of the annual report for the Company (hereinafter referred to as “the CPA for Annual Audit”), give an overall report to independent directors on the Company’s production, operation, investment and financing activities and other material events of that year, and the financial director of the Company shall report to independent director’s on the Company’s financial status and operating results of that year.  Additionally, the Company shall organize and arrange independent directors’ field inspection of the relevant material problems.




Independent directors shall perform the duty of interview and exchange with the management of the Company about the problems found in communications as set forth above to analyze the causes for such problems, judge the extent of risk thereof and explore the solutions thereto.  Such interview shall be recorded in writing and such records shall be signed by the parties concerned.




Independent directors shall examine the procedures of convening a board meeting, the required documents and the sufficiency of information for reasonable and accurate judgment.  In the event that inconformity with the provisions on convening of a board meeting or insufficient basis for judgment is found, independent directors shall propose their opinions on supplementation, rectification and postpone the board meeting.  If such opinions are not adopted, independent directors may refuse to attend the board meeting and request the Company to disclose their absence and the reasons therefor. Such opinions shall be recorded in writing and be signed by the parties concerned.



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