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英译中 逻辑性强 长句难译 翻译技巧

That the directors be and are hereby authorised:
第19号决议 – 对股东的支付
a)      on one or more occasions, to capitalise such sums as they may determine from time to time but not exceeding the aggregate nominal sum of £550 million standing to the credit of the Company's merger reserve, capital redemption reserve and/or such other reserves as the Company may legally use in paying up in full at par, up to 500 billion non-cumulative redeemable preference shares in the capital of the Company with a nominal value of 0.2 pence each (C Shares) from time to time having the rights and being subject to the restrictions contained in the Articles of the Company from time to time or any other terms and conditions approved by the directors from time to time;
a)      有权一次或多次地将其随时确定的、但金额不超过与公司合并储备、资本可赎回储备和/或公司可合法用于抵付公司资本中票面价值为每股0.2便士(C股)且在其中含《公司章程》中随时规定的权益及随时受其约束或受公司董事会随时制定的条款及条件约束的5500亿非累积的可赎回优先股股票的其他储备所相对等的总帐面金额为5亿英镑的资金予以资本化。
b) pursuant to Section 421 of the Companies Act 2206 (the Act), to exercise all powers of the Company to allot and issue C Shares credited as fully paid up to an aggregate nominal amount of £500 million tothe holders of ordinary shares of 22 pence each in the capital of the Company on the register of members of the Company on any dates determined by the directors from time to time and on the basis of the number of C Shares for every ordinary share held as may be determined by the directors from time to time; and provided that the authority conferred by this resolution shall expire at the end of the 2217 AGM of the Company or 15 months after the date on which this resolution is passed (whichever is the earlier)and so that such authority shall be additional to, and without prejudice to, the unexercised portion of anyother authorities and powers granted to the directors, and any resolution passed prior to the date of passing of this resolution; and
b)      有权按照《2206年公司法》(“法案”)第421条之规定,代表公司行使以下全部权利:有权在其确定的任何时候将累积票面金额不超过5亿英镑的、贷记为全额已付清的C股股票分配和发行给公司股本中董事会在任何时候所确定日期的《股东名册》中已登记的每股票面价值为22便士的普通股股票持有人,其分配和发行的依据为董事会随时所确定的每股普通股可获得分配和发行的C股股数;但是,此决议所赋予的权利应在“公司2217年AGM”结束时或在此项决议通过之日后15个月失效(以二者较早发生时为准),使此项权利成为是授予给董事会任何其他权利中、此项决议通过之日前任何决议中未行使权利之外的所追加的且无损害效应的额外的一种权利。
c) to do all acts and things they may consider necessary or desirable to give effect to this resolution and to satisfy any entitlement to C Shares howsoever arising.
c)      有权采取使此项权利生效及使随时产生的C股权益获得满足所必需的任何行动和措施。

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