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中译英 标书翻译

(1) 为保障业主在质保期后相关备品备件的采购权益,投标人应遵守总承商合同条款通用条款16和专用条款13的规定,并在投标文件中提交格式如A1-9+的“车辆XXXXX系统备品备件采购框架协议”(以下简称“框架协议”),并附有本公司/单位有效的签字盖章的框架协议,否则视为无效。中标第一候选人须在招标人确人其中标后6个工作日内向招标人提交框架协议担保保函,否则招标人有权废标。双方将在在合同执行期间,对框架协议的具体货物清单进行细化并签署相应的补充协议。
(2) In order to safeguard the interests of the Employer with respect to the procurement of spare parts after the warranty period, the Bidder is required to observe the general terms and conditions Clause 16 and special terms and conditions Clause 13 of the General Contractor's contract terms and conditions, and shall provide in its bid documents with “Vehicle XXXXX System Spare Parts Procurement Framework Agreement" in the form of A1-9 (hereinafter referred to as “Framework Agreement” ), which shall be duly signed and affixed with company chop, otherwise, it is deemed invalid. The first successful bidder candidate is required to provide the Tenderee with the performance bond for the framework agreement within 6 working days after the Tenderee confirms that it is a successful bidder, otherwise, the Tenderee may have the right to reject the bid. Both parties may detail the specific goods list under the framework agreement and sign corresponding supplementary agreements during the execution of the contract.

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